Privacy policy

General provisions

  1. The privacy policy of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) provides information on how Utenos Trikotažas, AB (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”, “Us”, “Our”) handles and stores the personal data and privacy of its customers and visitors to the Website (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Visitors”).
  2. This Privacy Policy may be amended and updated by Us; for this reason, We recommend that You read it periodically to learn about the latest version of the Privacy Policy. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is always available on the website
  3. By starting and continuing to surf the Website You confirm that You are familiar with this Privacy Policy, agree with its provisions and undertake to comply with them.
  4. Should you find the approach to personal data processing provided for in this Privacy Policy unacceptable or you disagree with it, please do not provide any of your personal data. Regrettably, in such a case, we will be unable to enable You to use some of Our services and opportunities. 
  5. To protect Your personal information from illegal access, use or disclosure, We use various safeguarding technologies and procedures. We demand that our thoroughly selected service provides use the necessary means to protect Your confidentiality and ensure security of Your personal data.

Data Controller

  1. Your personal data controller is Utenos Trikotažas, AB, legal entity code 183709468, registered office address J. Basanavičiaus g. 122, LT-28214 Utena, email:
  2. Using the Website You provide the personal data controller with your personal data and grant the right to process it within the scope, in the manner and for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. 
  3. We respect Your privacy, and security of Your personal data is Our priority. We take all appropriate organisational and technical measures to make sure that Your personal data is always safe, and that data processing actions meet the requirements of data protection legislation and Our internal policies. 

Scope and purposes of personal data processing

  1. We collect and process only personal data which is sufficient and necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they are processed. We collect and process Your personal data specified in this Privacy Policy on the basis of the following legal grounds:
    • Your consent to provide your personal data;
    • Our legitimate interest;
    • Performance of legal duties arising and imposed on the Company.
  2. Within the scope of applicable laws and under the conditions set forth therein one or a few of the aforementioned legal grounds may be applied for the processing of Your personal data.
  3. Almost all Your personal data are obtained by Us from You, therefore, it is very important that the personal data provided by You be accurate and correct. The Company does not have the capacity to verify the correctness and correspondence to the reality of personal data provided by You. When accepting Your personal data, We will assume that Your personal data is accurate and correct, and all consents given by You are provided by Your free will, having carefully read this Privacy Policy.
  4. Below, we lay out the main groups of Your personal data that We process, legitimate grounds and purposes of processing.

Personal data processing on the Website (cookies)

When you visit Our Website, We can process Your IP address, data of network and location when you provide it. Data is collected through the use of cookies and other similar technology on the basis of the Visitor’s consent. For more on the cookies used on our Website, read Our Cookies Policy

Personal data processing for the purpose of employee selection

We can process Your personal data for the purpose of staff selection on the basis of Your consent expressed when providing these details. We will store this data until the end of the selection procedure of a specific job position.

When conducting selection for a job position, We process only those personal data of candidates which are related to their qualification, professional skills and job-related characteristics. We do not collect or process any special personal data of candidates.

Having obtained Your consent, to evaluate your candidacy, we may address Your former employers that You have indicated for references and ask for information about your competence, professional skills and job-related characteristics. We may also ask Your individual consent to allow Us to store Your personal data obtained during the selection and to use it for the purpose of conducting other staff selections and in order to contact You. You may withdraw Your consent at any time and We will immediately take action to delete Your personal data.

Please keep in mind that when You send Your CV, a letter of motivation or other personal data to Our general email without even announcing any staff selection, We have the right to store such details and use them for the purpose of subsequent selections for up to one year.

Personal data processing for the purpose of handling enquiries and requests

We process Your personal data in cases when You contact Us by email, post, phone, by lodging an enquiry, posing some questions and providing any other information on Our Website or social networks. In such cases the following personal data may be processed: Your name surname, email address, phone number, residential address, etc. You provide Your details to Us on the basis of a consent.

We will process Your data in the said cases to administer the enquiries and complaints, to guarantee the quality of Our provided services, to safeguard and protect Our rights and legitimate interests. The legal basis of personal data processing is Our legal duties to handle and reply to Your enquiries, the Company’s legitimate interest to evaluate Our customers’ feedback, to improve the quality of our services and Your consent expressed by Your active behaviour when lodging an enquiry or a request.

We will store Your provided personal data as long as it is necessary for examination of Your request and response. To store this data we will follow the requirements set forth in laws on storage of this type of data and in order to bring legal claims or defend claims within limitation periods.

Personal data processing for the purpose of direct marketing

In cases where you give Your explicit consent to receive offers and information by phone and/or email, We will process Your personal data when sending You such offers and information, e.g., general and personalised newsletters, information on Our and Our partner’s offers, discounts, campaigns, sales, products, inviting You to take part in campaigns, games and win prizes, by asking for Your opinion on the provided services or products, etc.

You may object to receiving Our offers and information at any time; you may withdraw Your consent or change the ways (channels) for receiving messages by sending Us a letter to or clicking on the link for unsubscribing which is provided in Our newsletters.

  1. The list of data processed is not exhaustive. In special cases and to accomplish the purposes discussed in this Privacy Policy, the Company may collect additional information. Personal data may also be collected, when, you’re your consent, data is transferred to us by other webpages or portals.
  2. In cases when the period for data storage is not specified herein, Your personal data will be stored no longer than necessary for the fulfilment of purposes (specified in the Privacy Policy) for which data was collected or for the period established by laws.
  3. A longer than necessary for the fulfilment of purposes (specified in this Privacy Policy) storage of Your personal data may be carried out in exceptional cases, when:
    • this is necessary for Us to defend against existing and impending demands, claims or suits and exercise Our rights;
    • illegal activities are suspected;
    • Your data is necessary for proper resolution of a dispute or complaint;
    • backup copies are needed for the functioning and support of information systems or for any other similar purposes;
    • any other grounds provided for in laws exist.

Processing of minors’ personal data

When processing minors’ personal data for the aim of an offer of information society services, such data processing is legitimate, if a minor, who is at least 14 years old, gives his/her consent. If a minor is younger than 14, such processing is legitimate only in cases where his/her parents or guardians have granted their consent. Hence, if You are over 14 but under 18, and are using services of Our Website You confirm that You have your parents’ or guardians’ approval with regard to the disclosure of Your personal data to the Company. If You are younger than 14, You can use Our Website services only after Your parents or guardians give their consent to the Company.

Data processors, data recipients

  1. We may employ third parties – service providers (data processors) for the processing of Your personal data. Such data processors are: companies which carry out or provide analytic services on surfing the internet or activities on the internet, advertising or marketing companies, data centre service providers, newsletter service providers, information technology infrastructure service providers, software developers, companies providing software support and development services, leasing companies, calls and communication service providers, couriers, market research or business analysis service providers and other service providers to whom Your personal data is disclosed to the extent to which it is necessary for the provision of services.
  2. We may also transfer Your personal data to Our business partners, co-contractors, suppliers, other data controllers, for instance, when it is necessary for the signing or fulfilment of an agreement with You. We may transfer data only when there sufficient legitimate grounds and when You have been notified of such transfer.
  3. When employing third parties for the processing of Your personal data, We always ensure that data recipients guarantee appropriate data protection and comply with confidentiality obligations.
  4. Data processors we employ may process Your personal data only based on Our instructions and cannot use them for any other purposes or transfer them to any other parties without Our consent. In every case we provide data processors with the amount of data which is necessary for the fulfilment of a specific task or service.
  5. Data may also be provided to finance institutions, competent government or law enforcement authorities, e.g., police or supervisory authorities, however, only when they request and only when data is requested in accordance with the existing laws or in cases provided for in laws and following the procedure established in law so as to ensure the exercise of Our rights, safety of Our customers, employees and resources, to bring, lodge and defend legal claims.

Territorial scope and jurisdiction of personal data processing

  1. We process Your personal data within the territory of the European Union. We currently do not transfer and do not plan to transfer Your personal data to any third countries.
  2. Please be aware that certain technical data of Your visit to Our Website (IP address, technical data of the browser You use, data collected through cookies, other information in relation to surfing on the Website and browser-related activities) may be made available or transferred to entities operating both within the European Economic Area and beyond its borders for analytic purposes of surfing on the Website, statistical data and other related purposes (e.g., as we use the services of Google Analytics, such an entity may be a company operating in the United States of America). Please note that personal data beyond the EEA may be subject to lower-level protection than in the EEA countries, however, We always carefully assess the conditions under which Your personal data is to be stored and processed, should it be transferred to the said entities.
  3. Regardless of the territorial scope of personal data processing, the Company will take every possible and reasonable measure to make sure that third parties process personal data in accordance with the GDPR and other binding legislation.

Rights of data subjects

We provide You with the conditions to exercise all Your rights granted by data protection laws. Below we set forth information on Your specific rights that You can freely exercise and on the ways to exercise them.

Right to access Your personal data that We process

You have the right to request Our confirmation of the fact that We process Your personal data. You also have the right to get access to Your personal data and information on the categories of processed data, purpose of data processing, period of data processing, automated decision-making, including profiling, if applicable, and its meaning and consequences for Us. 

Right to rectify inaccurate personal data

You have the right to request that Your personal data processed by Us be changed, specified or rectified, if the data provided to Us during registration has changed or if You think that the information We process about You is inaccurate or incorrect. This right may be exercised by applying to Us using the ways and contact details provided in this Privacy Policy and by submitting updated data.

Right to withdraw consent for personal data processing

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and data processing which is based on Your consent will be discontinued. You can withdraw your consent to receive messages of direct marketing, offers and information. Withdrawal of such consent will not prevent You from continuing to use Our Website but this will mean that We will not be able to send you special offers. You can withdraw Your consent or give it again providing respective updated information by contacting Us using the ways and contact details specified in this Privacy Policy. When Your consent expires, You withdraw it or remove it, We will no longer process Your personal data. In any case We can store Your consent and proof of it for a longer period as well, if this is needed to defend Ourselves against any claims or actions.

Right to lodge complaints

If you believe that Your  rights in the field of personal data processing have been violated, You have the right to lodge a complaint to a personal data supervisory authority, namely, to the State Data Protection Inspectorate ( to the address  L. Sapiegos g. 17, Vilnius. However, We always ask and recommend that You contact Us first. We will make every effort to help resolve the issue and examine Your complaint, satisfy your requests or correct any mistakes we made.

Right to object to data processing, when processing is based on legitimate interests

You have the right to object to personal data processing, when personal data is processed on the basis of Our legitimate interests. To exercise this right, please submit a written request using the contact details specified in the Privacy Policy.

Right to erase personal data (the right to be forgotten)

You have the right to request that We erase Your personal data, if any of the circumstances listed in personal data processing laws exist (when personal data is handled illegally, when the basis of personal data processing ceases to exist, etc.). To exercise this right, please provide us a written request using the contact details provided in this Privacy Policy. 

Right to limit personal data processing

Under certain circumstances established in personal data processing laws (when personal data is processed illegally, You challenge the accuracy of data, You have provided an objection regarding data processing on the basis of Our legitimate interest, etc.), You also have the right to limit Your personal data processing. To exercise this right, please submit Us a written request using the contact details provided in the Privacy Policy. 

Right to data transferability

You have the right transfer Your personal data, which is processed by Us on the basis of Your consent and which is conducted using automated measures, to another data controller. We will provide the data that You desire to transfer in a machine-readable format usually used in Our systems, and if You desire and if We have the required technical capabilities, We will transfer the data directly to another data controller specified by You. To exercise this right, please submit Us a written request using the contact details specified in the Privacy Policy. 

Procedure for handling requests of personal data subjects

  1. To exercise the rights listed in section 7 of this Privacy Policy, you can address Us by email: In Your email, please provide all circumstances related to the request, Your name, surname, contact details for keeping in touch and information on the reason for which and which rights and to what extent You desire to exercise as well as information on the way you desire to receive a response.
  2. To process Your request, We have the right to verify Your identity. It should be noted that a person will be identified using the easiest way which is most convenient for You.
  3. In the event the verification process is unsuccessful, We will have to state that You are not a data subject of the requested data and will have to reject Your request.
  4. In the event the verification is successful, We will provide information on the actions taken in response to Your request no later than within one month from the receipt of Your request and completion of your identity verification. Given the complexity and number of requests, We have the right to extend the period of one month for two more months. In such case We will notify You thereof no later than within one month from the receipt of Your request and completion of your identity verification and will specify the reasons for such extension.
  5. If Your request is submitted digitally, You will also receive Our response digitally, except for cases when this is impossible or when You ask Us to respond in some other way.
  6. We can refuse to satisfy Your request only in cases when the circumstances established in laws exist. You will be informed of such rejection in writing.

Contact details of the Company

With regard to any personal data processing issues, You can contact Us in one of the following ways:

Contact details of the data protection officer:

  • email:
  • mail correspondence address – J. Basanavičiaus g. 122, LT-28214 Utena.
    Your letter should be addressed as follows: Utenos trikotažas, AB, Attn.: Data Protection Officer.

Our details as the data controller:

Utenos trikotažas, AB
Legal entity code 183709468
Registered office address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 122, LT-28214 Utena, Republic of Lithuania.

Validity, updated and amendment of Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy was announced and entered into force on 3 September 2021.
  2. If any of the provisions of the Privacy Policy are recognised to be invalid or inapplicable, this has no effect on the legitimacy and validity of the remaining provisions of the Privacy Policy.
  3. This Privacy Policy may be updated. We will inform our customers about such updates on our Website by placing a new version of the Privacy Policy with the dates of the corrections made.
  4. Customers should understand that by continuing using the Website after any updates of the Privacy Policy they confirm that they have familiarised themselves with such updates and do not object to them.