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This cookies policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Cookies Policy”) of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) describes how Utenos Trikotažas, AB (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”, “Us”, “Our”) processes and stores the personal data and privacy of visitors to its Website (hereinafter referred to as “You” or “Visitors”).

The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to allow You to learn more about the technology used on our Website. We or Our authorised service providers use the technology to save data when You visit our Website. We do this to make Your visit to the Website as convenient and safe as possible. When You visit our Website, we want You to see the content and functions which would be adapted specifically to Your needs.

By using Our Website, You agree with the provisions of this Cookies Policy.

This Cookies Policy may be amended and updated by Us, therefore, we recommend that You read it periodically to see the latest version of the Cookies Policy. The current version of the Cookies Policy and the dates of the corrections made are always available on the website Visitors should understand that if they continue using the Website after any updates of the Cookies Policy, it will be deemed that they have learned about the updates and do not object to them.

What cookies are?

A cookie is a small text file (which is not bigger than a few kilobytes) which is saved by Your browser in Your computer, tablet or any other smart device after you visit the Website. Cookies help Us recognise You as a previous Visitor, to store Your visiting history and based on this information we can adapt content to You, create a user-friendly and convenient environment of the Website, speed up your searches. Cookies enable the Website to save details such as:

  • Details of Your connection to the Website (connection time, city from which You connect, IP address of the connecting device);
  • Type of browser You use;
  • Details of your surfing on the Website (what goods you are interested in, etc.)

Cookies also help Us to ensure the smooth operation of Our Website, observe the duration and frequency of Your visits to the Website, and to collect statistical information on the number of Website Visitors.

Our Website also uses other types of cookies – snippets of JavaScript code called pixels. Pixels are implemented in all pages of the Website and have multiple functions. Pixels help Us collect:

  • Visitors’ clicks and other actions on the Website;
  • Information and IP address of Your browser.

Why We use cookies?

By using Cookies, We:

  • Ensure appropriate and efficient operation of the Website;
  • Ensure safe operation of the Website and support for Our security functions;
  • Ensure continuous improvement of Our Website operation and functionality;
  • Ensure continuous improvement of those Website services that are relevant to You;
  • Ensure that returning visitors are recognised which thus improves our service making it faster, simpler and more effective;
  • Ensure statistical analysis of the Website visitor flows and data flows.

What cookies are used by Us

Persistent or permanent technical cookies

Persistent technical cookies are required for proper, safe and effective operation of the Website. Visitors cannot turn off these persistent cookies for objective reasons. Without these cookies it would be impossible to provide certain services of the Website or it would not operate as smoothly as it should.

Cookies used with your advanced consent (optional cookies)

These are cookies which are used only after Your advance consent is obtained. You can give Your consent by clicking the button “Agree” at the bottom of the Website on the pop-up bar. If you disagree with the use of these cookies you can change the settings of your browser and turn off all cookies or turn them on/off one by one.

Functional cookies

These cookies enable the Website to remember Your preferences so that You can use it in a more convenient way. We use functional cookies to remember Your choices, e.g., language settings and other internet options so that the next time You visit Our Website, You do not need to mark all these preferences again. Functional cookies help make Your visit on the Website more comfortable and pleasant. Functional cookies do not track your actions on other websites.

We use the following functional cookies:

Website settings cookies remember Website settings that You select (language, time zone, etc.).

Analytical (statistical) cookies

We use these cookies to collect information on how our visitors use Our Website. These statistical details provide us with information on how frequently Our Website is visited, which areas of the Website cause most hindrances, errors, etc. This enables Us to create a more convenient structure, navigation and content of the Website. These cookies help us correct Website faults.

Below You can see the cookies used on our Website according to their type, purpose, owner and duration of validity.

NameOwner (domain)PurposeExpiry period
_gagoogle.comTo distinguish between users.2 years
_gidgoogle.comTo distinguish between users.24 hours
_gatgoogle.comTo reduce the frequency of enquiries.1 minute

Transfer of data collected through the use of cookies and plug–ins

You should know that technical details of Your visit on the Website (IP address, technical information of the browser You use, data collected by use of cookies, other information related to the work of the browser) may be made accessible or transferred to entities operating both within the European Economic Area and beyond its borders for the purposes of analysis and statistical data of surfing the Website or for any other purposes (e.g., as We use Google Analytics services, this entity operates in the United States of America). Please note that personal data beyond the EEA may be subject to lower-level protection than in the EEA countries, however, We always carefully assess the conditions under which Your personal data is to be stored and processed, should it be transferred to the said entities. You can learn more about how the said companies use information collected by use of cookies in their privacy policies or by contacting them directly.

Management and erasure of cookies

Most browsers are configured so that they automatically accept cookies. When you use a browser to reach Our Website, you can configure the settings of Your browser so that all cookies are accepted, all cookies are rejected or you receive a message when a cookie is uploaded. Every browser is different, therefore, if you do not know how to change the settings of cookies, check the menu of its manual. There may be additional cookie controllers in the operating system of your device.

If you do not want information to be collected through the use of cookies, use the simple procedure supported by most browsers (Chrome; Firefox; Internet Explorer; Edge; Safari; Opera) which enables You to refuse the use of cookies.

To learn more about the management of cookies, visit: and  You will find detailed and independent information on how to turn off cookies via settings of a browser and how to remove cookies which are already in Your computer. To delete cookies from Your smart device, You will have to read its user instructions.

Please note that in some cases removal of cookies may slow down the surfing speed on the internet, limit the operation of certain functions of the Website or block access to the Website. You should also note that if you fully block the cookies, many websites (including Our Website) may not work properly.

This Cookies Policy was announced and entered into force on 3 September 2021.