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We Create and Invent every day, with a special focus on sustainable, environmentally and socially friendly solutions.
Sustainable Solutions

We are European customized jersey specialists with strong manufacturing traditions and the ability to quickly adapt to global innovations. We constantly strive to stay ahead of the competition and bring new solutions to the market.

More than 50 years of experience

More than 50 years of experience

SBA textile group Utenos Trikotažas is the largest and one of the most modern knitwear production companies in Central and Eastern Europe, in business since 1967. Our team of over 1 000 in-house factory workers, modern textile professionals and international managers is committed to delivering top quality, on-time, with superior customer service. We’re a client-centered certified jersey producer with two main fields of expertise: ready-to-wear production on demand and jersey fabrics (development & manufacturing). In addition to our core business, we also develop two own brands – UTENOS and ABOUT. The Utenos Trikotažas group of companies also comprises UAB Aboutwear, AB Šatrija, UAB Gotija, and OAO Mrija (Ukraine).

Our history
Everything under one roof

Everything under one roof

Thanks to vertical integration, we can offer a full production cycle under one roof – from the design concept and yarn to the final ready-made garment. This ensures efficient quality assurance throughout the production process and guarantees the highest standards of production and work ethics.

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Development of Own Brands

Development of Own Brands

In addition to contract manufacturing, we create and develop two own brands - UTENOS and ABOUT. Taking into account the number of UTENOS products sold so far, every Lithuanian should wear at least 2 of our products. ABOUT products have gained international recognition for their textile innovations: the brand is sold in prestigious stores in Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul and more.

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Sustainability and Certificates

Sustainability and Certificates

Environmental and social responsibility commitments cover all areas of Utena Trikotažas' production and operations – from organically farmed natural fibres, the use of chemicals in production, to fair pay for employees and absolute transparency in production processes. All of this is ensured through comprehensive certification measures and extensive testings throughout the production process.

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A hard-working team of professionals and a vast amount of experience allow us to successfully build the trust of our clients.

Petras Jašinskas
Živilė Jonaitytė
Paulius Kalina
Head of Production Department
Marijus Kriščiūnas
Head of Commerce Department
Jolanta Streižienė
Head of Sales Department
Gytis Kundrotas
Head of General Affairs and Tech Department