For Huge Steps With Small CO2 Footprints

2023-06-01    |
For Huge Steps With Small CO2 Footprints

Reducing CO2 Emissions is one of our top priority goals. We monitor our carbon footprint using the advanced Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) created by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

The Hig MSI is designed to compare the environmental impact of different materials. It utilizes peer-reviewed life-cycle assessment data to quantify environmental impacts in six fundamental areas:

• Chemistry
• Abiotic resource depletion
• Use of fossil fuels
• Water scarcity
• Nutrient pollution in water (eutrophication)
• and, of course, global warming potential – CO2

The MSI takes into consideration the energy, water, and chemicals used in material production, as well as waste generation and water pollution. This detailed information enables us to implement strategies for reducing, eliminating, or offsetting these emissions.

As consumers increasingly focus on the environmental impact of the clothes they wear, our library of materials with calculated CO2 emissions continues to expand every day.