Year End: Reflecting on 2023

2023-12-21    |
Year End: Reflecting on 2023

For Utenos Trikotažas, 2023 posed challenges, yet our philosophy always leans towards optimism. Reflecting on the recent past, despite the global economic and geopolitical complexities, we’ve achieved significant milestones:

  • Our recent Customer Satisfaction Analysis is nothing short of fantastic! 100% of our clients regard Utenos Trikotažas as a reliable manufacturing partner, endorsing our credibility. An overwhelming 99% express satisfaction and willingness to recommend us to others based on their positive experiences.
  • Our participation in ISPO & Performance Days brought numerous promising connections and potential collaborations. Although these initiatives may not yield immediate results until around 2024, they signify positive change in customer engagement at textile fairs.
  • By making strategic decisions, we reduced fixed costs by one-fifth while maintaining production levels similar to 2022.
  • We’ve diligently economized without compromising operational expenses or future investments. Our focus on pioneering modern materials, advanced technology, and sustainability aligns with our customers’ values.
  • Onboarding 14 new clients, particularly those championing sustainability, resonates with our fully vertical and transparent manufacturing setup in Lithuania.
  • Despite a sales dip, 2023 witnessed improved profitability.
  • We underwent a remarkable transformation, reducing knitting-to-packaging duration by 15% in our revamped production chain.
  • Spearheading advancements in wool, we’ve introduced numerous new wool fabrics, including innovative wool fleece and luxury Kbt & RWS wool variations into our fabric library.
  • 2023 was the year when we started calculating CO2 emissions from fabric production and aim to further reduce them.

As we pause to reflect and recharge, it’s time to assess our achievements before embracing the challenges of the upcoming year. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities and endeavors that 2024 will bring! 🌟