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Jersey fabrics

Jersey fabrics


We offer our own originally created jersey fabrics and also provide the services to develop materials on demand.

- Currently we have 8,000 different knitted fabric designs that we are able to offer;
- It takes from 2 weeks to produce fabric on order;
- We can produce 80 tonnes of knitted fabric per month.


The factory machinery park is equipped with circular knitting machines by Monarch, Mayer & Cie, Orizio, Vignoni, Terrot and Marchisio for:

- plain dyed and printed fabrics;
- yarn dyed stripes knitted fabrics.


We work with all popular yarns and their blends:

 Cotton   |   Viscose   |   Wool   |   Modal   |   Linen   |   Tencel   |   Silk   |    Polyester   |   Bamboo   |   Polyamide   |   Hemp   |   Polypropilene 


Any type of yarn can be chosen for production:

 Regular   |   Organic   |   Recycled   |   Melange   |   Slub   |   Supima   |   Makko gassed   |   Mercerized   |   Compact 


Additional Features:

UV Protection   |  Flame retardant   |  Water resistant   |  Antibacterial  |  Aloe Vera   |  Bees Wax   |  Silk Proteins   |  Silver Ions   |  Quick dry  |  Antipilling


A digital print machine and service is the newest installment of the fabrics department.