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 We have been in operation since 1967 and our experience and know-how ensure maximum product quality and customer satisfaction. Innovation, quality, solutions and customer satisfaction are the cornerstone priorities of our operations.


We offer production from the receipt of yarn all through to the finished product, including product design.


The factory machinery park is equipped with circular knitting machines by Monarch, Mayer & Cie, Orizio, Vignoni, Terrot and Marchisio for:

- Plain dyed and printed fabrics;
- Yarn dyed stripes knitted fabrics.


We work with all popular yarns and their blends:

 Cotton   |   Viscose   |   Wool   |   Modal   |   Linen   |   Tencel   |   Silk   |    Polyester   |   Bamboo   |   Polyamide   |   Hemp   |   Polypropilene


Any type of yarn can be chosen for production:

 Regular   |   Organic   |   Recycled   |   Melange   |   Slub   |   Supima   |   Makko gassed   |   Mercerized   |   Compact



Discover new possibilities and solutions for your garments. Produce them like never before!

Important: 400 pcs/style is a convenient minimum order for the factory.

Make a request to receive further information about our services.