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Quality control

Quality control

Quality is a key focus


Quality control is one of the cornerstones of our company’s priorities. Through close monitoring at all stages of the production cycle, we ensure high quality products which fully meet the strictest requirements of our clients.


Quality control starts from the selection of the yarn which meets the highest standards. We inspect each meter of our knitted fabric. We then inspect the fabric several more times during the dyeing process. At the cutting unit we inspect the quality and compliance of the cut garments and once again the quality of the fabric. Before sewing the garments our seamstresses verify the quality of the cut garments and the fabric. Each sewn garment passes the quality filter to comply with the top standards. So customers receive a product whose compliance at different stages of the production cycle has been checked 7 times!


Also we provide testing service on demand for a concrete fabric – discover here: Testing Labaratories.