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2019 April 11

For the first time in the history of Lithuanian fashion: a unique exposition of the About collection in a prestigious Parisian department store

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About, one of Utenos Trikotažas’ brands which has just launched in the luxurious Le Bon Marche department store in Paris, has been invited to showcase its collection in an exclusive pop-up space nearby its permanent display. The Lithuanian product brand is presented as the shaper of sustainable fashion trends; the department store is famous for its conceptual installations and this is the first time in the history of Lithuanian fashion that such an opportunity has been offered.

“The possibility to sell our products in such a prestigious location alone is great recognition – we are one of the few Lithuanian brands that can boast of such an achievement. Only the best can gain entrance to Paris’ Le Bon Marche; there are no second-raters there, and the opportunity to present your brand in a separate space is offered to very few. We have been working on the pop-up exposition for almost six months – we wanted to reveal the identity of About through the aesthetic image as well as the message being conveyed”, said About Sales Manager Judita Panovienė.

The flower of exposition – soya fibre

The pop-up space solution was created for About by the interior and object design study Moa. Designers Miglė Nainytė and Austė Kuliešiūtė were searching for a solution that would reflect the cyclic character of nature and its relationship with man.

“Creative ideas were inspired by the philosophy of About – awareness, naturalness and harmonious relationship of man with nature. We sought to create a narrative that would reflect the values of flow fashion. We built an architectural composition from plaster, filled it with soil and randomly sowed beans in there. We could only try to imagine the way the exposition would look like after the beans germinated”, said the designers of Moa.

Within a few weeks, the beans sprouted forming expressive reliefs in the composition. The growth of the seedlings, penetration of roots and fragmentation into unexpected forms as well as the sprouting of leaves are all never-ending processes, hence the exposition is alive and changing. “To people who are constantly in a hurry, we sought to demonstrate the power of nature and to grant freedom to the processes of nature. We cannot anticipate the ultimate result, but the process itself is very inspiring for us”, added the Moa designers.

“Vegan” fibres open the doors to other prestigious centres

The most recent collection of About is dominated by natural fibres that decompose in the natural environment and are often defined as “vegan”. Le Bon Marche was not the only store to show interest in the articles created by the member of SBA group, Utenos Trikotažas – this year, they have started selling their collection in other famous chains, such as KaDeWe in Germany, Shinsegae in South Korea and Framework in Japan. These achievements are excellent proof of consumers becoming more aware. The sellers bravely respond to the changing needs of the buyers, whereas the manufacturers must continue focusing their efforts on clean and ecologic production.

Le Bon Marche is one of the oldest  department stores in Paris, it was the first to offer shoppers different goods under the same roof. The department store shaped a new approach to the shopping experience and continues to offer unexpected novelties to date. The most famous brands from all over the world are sold here. The store was designed by the architect of the Eiffel tower – Gustave Eiffel.   

Member of SBA group, Utenos Trikotažas, is the largest and one of the most modern textile producers in Central and Eastern Europe. Besides outsourced production, the company operates two retail brands – UTENOS and ABOUT. In 2017, Utenos Trikotažas became the first Lithuanian company to join Detox, the Greenpeace project for clean fashion. In 2018, the sales of Utenos Trikotažas group of companies amounted to Eur 30. million. and the group earned Eur 1.2 million. in operating profits. Utenos Trikotažas group of companies also includes Šatrija, Gotija and Mrija (in Ukraine).